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Melanoma on the rise but report shows death rates from certain cancers declining…

NBC Nightly News (Jan 4, story 6, 1:45, Williams) reported, “The American Cancer Society’s annual report on cancer stats and cancer trends is out today with some encouraging news inside it. For the biggest cancer killers, death rates are down across … Continue reading

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Wrinkles and osteoporosis…

MedPage (by Fiore) reported, “In a cross-sectional analysis, having more wrinkles was associated with having lower bone mineral density (BMD; P<0.01),” according to research presented at a press briefing at the Endocrine Society’s annual meeting. In a study of 114 patients, … Continue reading

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How effective is melanoma screening ?

Melanoma mortality dropped significantly in one German state after a population-wide screening project, while mortality rates remained stable in the rest of Germany.  The effects of organized skin cancer screening on diagnosis and rates of morbidity and mortality are unknown. … Continue reading

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Smoking associated with increased skin cancer risk in women…

HealthDay (Dec 16 by Holohan) reports, “If you’re a woman who smokes and you are looking for another reason to quit, consider this: A new study” published online in Cancer Causes Control “has found a link between tobacco use and skin … Continue reading

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Plain packaging is dangerous ? (smoking is not ?!)…

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Nothing to do with skin…

New research is challenging conventionally held beliefs about lipids and their impact on heart health, says Daniel Duane. A 10-year study of 25,000 men found that men who were entirely unfit had the highest risk of heart attack, regardless of … Continue reading

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