Vitamin D, Calcium may prevent melanoma in women with prior history…

Medscape (July 5, Mulcahy) reported that although Vitamin D and calcium do not reduce the overall rate of melanoma or nonmelanoma skin cancer (NMSC) in post-menopausal women, a study in the Journal of Clinical Oncology found that, in women with “history of NMSC, calcium plus vitamin D supplementation reduced subsequent melanoma risk, suggesting a potential role for the supplements in this high-risk subgroup.” The authors note that 176 cases of melanoma developed in the participants, and conclude that larger studies are necessary for similarly rare cancers. Medscape notes that the study “used 400 IU of Vitamin D, which is lower than the daily recommended amount of 600 IU. The next trial may use up to 4000 IU, which is the limit suggested by the Institute of Medicine.”

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