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Propecia (hair loss drug) and sexual dysfunction ?

From the Dermatologists’ chat room : “Blogs and forums on the net about persistent sexual side effects post-finasteride have been around for a little while. People who write in these forums often have very convincing personal bad experiences with the drug, … Continue reading

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Growing hair with Botox…

Now that caught your attention, didn’t it ? There are, of course, far more established, scientifically proven and shall we say “more cost effective” treatments (e.g. Propecia for men, anti-androgen therapies for women) for common hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). But … Continue reading

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alopecia AREATA…

First up, alopecia simply is a medical term for hair loss. When your hairdresser proclaims with a grave tone that you have “alopecia”, he/she is simply suggesting that you have hair loss (and that he/she just so happen to have … Continue reading

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