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Some medical practices are asking for appointment down payments…

In a Washington Post article, health writer Fran Kritz reports that some medical practices are asking for “down payments.” While “no one tracks the number of physician practices that require down payments…calls to practices in” Washington, DC, “and Maryland turned up 10 offices that either charge a hold fee in advance or require a credit card number that is billed if the patient doesn’t show up or cancels with little warning.” Meanwhile, Kritz writes, “An Internet search found scores of practices around the country, both primary-care doctors and specialists, that request a credit card number to hold an appointment.”

How many patients would make an appointment and not show up without any notices everyday in this practice ? 3-4 per day !  Of course, there are far more exciting things in life than going to see a dermatologist. But please just let us know if you could not make it.

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